Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday night

OK, so if you aren't watching it, you need to! (Provided you feel comfortable laughing at others misfortunes!). TV 3, 7.30pm, has to be the best thing since Funniest Home Videos.

Right, now we have finished laughing at others, what else this weekend? Not much! The weather hit again, I can't believe in the last 4 weekends since we have been in the new house it was been wet all the time, and the 1 weekend it was fine was the weekend we were both busy and out of town.

I spent some of Saturday afternoon, after we had dodged the rain to go for a walk, finishing up the garage, most of the stuff in the garage actually belongs there now, just a couple of boxes, and some decisions about stuff to get rid of, and then I guess you could say we are all moved in.

this afternoon we went to Hamilton to have a look at gym equipment. We are lucky to have a back room which we can use as a gym area, so rather than spending $1200 for a year long gym membership for us, we bought some gear for ourselves, and have set some goals together to get serious, (eeeek, that sounds so serious!!!)

On that note, I'm off to laugh at some more competitors, and then to do my warm-up for the Olympics.


Angel Gurl said...

wow you guys had rain this weekend??? We had sun this weekend and I got plenty of vit D this weekend. Nothing like sun on the face to make you feel good. Good on you for getting some gym equipment and getting serious.

Tracy said...

I so need some of that 'getting serious' lol! good luck with your warm-up for the Olympics!

Hannah said...

Hehe, yes Rob had that show on earlier and it looked quite funny. I wanted to watch the Olympics instead though, ROFL!

We had plenty of rain here, I think most of the North Island did except for Wgtn & Gisborne!

Trace said...

Thought it always rained in the Waikato ROFL...Good luck with the gym equipment, in my house it just be filling up the spare room - with the best of intentions LOL!

Tracy le Roy said...

Good on you with the home gym thing; I really must get back into my exercising again. I usually like to do DVDs in the morning, but this winter has been so cold, I haven't been getting out of bed before 8am, which is far too late to exercise!! I promise to start again as soon as it starts getting a little warmer... promise!
Yep, sick of the rain here too, although today is shaping up OK so far, even a little sun out there. Better go hang out my washing.
I'm going to finish up my Olympics layout today too; isn't this going to be fun?!!

Anonymous said...

We were watching Wipeout as well - it was sooo funny and parts of it looked really cool to do.

Glad to hear that you are all moved in and have a spare room to do the gym thing. Thought this was your scrappy room!!! LOL

Penny said...

We shall expect to see some LOs about the use of that equipment! LOL!

Kelly said...

LOL - that TV show reminds me a bit of the Top Town show that was on YONKS and YONKs ago. Lots of fun!