Tuesday, September 23, 2008

OK, Ok, I'm still here

...... after a not so gentle hint from a secret lurker, I'm here to say I'm still around.

Not too much happening.

A full day of 5 aside soccer, on Fathers Day of all days. Very tiring, especially as we had to drive nearly an hour there, and then we stayed and took my Dad out for dinner, and home again. Our team didn't do very well, not for want of trying though, I thought they'd done so well.A couple of weekends ago we had soccer prizegiving. Before the actual prizegiving, there is a parents vs child game, which Dad participated in. The day before we had helped do the fertilizer drive with the Lions, as fundraising for the soccer club, and I had hurt my back, so I was out of soccer.We were very proud to see (and.... the bloody batteries died right at the wrong time) Braden receive 'Most Improved Player'. We'd just had a conversation the night before, prepping him for the fact that not everyone would get a medal, etc, so you should have seen his face when he heard his name.

Last weekend I got out into the vege garden, had prepped it earlier, so planted some seeds, and they've come away well, in fact I was quite surprised to see how well. My niece was also staying, so we planted some sunflower seeds too, and then she can have some at home.

I'll be back to write about our weekend away!


Trace said...

Fresh vegies grown in your own garden, ain't nothing quite like it. Good on Braden for winning most improved player, bugger the batteries LOL.

Roo said...

Yay for Braden getting most improved - woohoo. And yummy can't beat home grown veges.

scrapgeek said...

Congrats to your boy - bummer about the camera though :(

Hannah said...

Congratulations to Braden on his award - bummer about the camera battery!

Nice to hear from you again!

Debbie said...

We are trying to get our vege garden going as well and yay for braden - love the idea of the seads in the egg tray!

Anonymous said...

Hello stranger! Love home grown summer veges.

Penny said...

Go Braden!

and go mum for the vege planting :)