Thursday, June 22, 2006

OK, it's going to shock some, but here I am again. I just have to share my new toy.
A flat screen too, which is so much easier as we have limited space in our computer area.

Thats not the real exciting part though. See the first picture, it has a USB port on the front, so I don't have to keep reaching over the back to plug my camera cable in.
But wait theres more..... see the second picture, with the little flap open, it has 2 more USB ports, for what I'm not sure!

OK, so I just get over this excitement, when I realise something even more exciting, I don't need all these ports, because... I also have memory card slots. Take the photo, insert the card into the slot, and it's all done in 2 seconds.

I'm loving the speed, we went from 120mbRam, to 512, so 4 times more operating memory. The only problem is transfering all the files from the old computer. The other good news is the old computer had 20GB memory, which we had only used half of, this one has.... wait for it.... 160 GB. What on earth are we going to do with that amount of memory? One good thing is, after I have taken a hard copy onto disk of photos, which Jon keeps at work, I can leave them on the computer, means no more searching through disks to find photos from several months ago. Then probably every 6 months or so I'll make another hard copy, to keep.

Right, that's about enough excitement for me.


karen said...

So flash!! I am impressed and envious!!

Janine said...

lol you are on a roll blog wise. Nice pc. I love flat screens they are so much better less bulky.