Monday, June 19, 2006

Righto, it has been kindly suggested it was time for an update.

An update on what?

Nothing much!

It's absolutely freezing here, and Braden is sick, has had the day off today, and therefore I had to take the day off aswell.

Jon is away again this week. Last week Fiji, this week South Island. Talk about extremes! While Jon is away the kids get to take turns sleeping with me, and I couldn't resist taking this photo of Cameron, sound asleep with our cat Rocky.

And while it's not the best photo, (that's what happens when they move away, and you can only snap photos at visits), here is Iesha, now 3 months old.

So we got a new computer on the weekend, and I've spent the day transfering the relevant info, takes awhile, and I see somewhere along the line, my photo banner has been gobbled up. Will have to try to fix that.

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Janine said...

see that wasn't hard now was it?? Looks like Rocky and Cameron are pretty comfy there lol. Cute photo lol.