Thursday, August 31, 2006

The week in review

* Since handing in my notice for some of my hours, effectively cutting them in half, (and remember I didn't do that many in the first place,) I'm relieved to have been called in for shifts today, tomorrow and next week, on my terms, 9 - 3pm. Long may it last!

* Following the post earlier about our guinea pig babies, we were saddened by the death of one of the babies today. The younger members of the family decided we must have a burial, just putting it in the wheelie bin was not acceptable.

* We were fortunate enough to attend Cirque Rocks in Auckland on Friday night. What a great experience that was. We bused up, with Jon's company social club, leaving at 5.30, for the 9pm show. Before the show we had nibbles in the function room, which was a bit disappointing, finally getting home at ..... 2am. The kids came too, Braden fell asleep not long after we left, but Cameron held out until about 12.30.

* I had a day to myself yesterday, not that I did anything exciting, but did manage to do this layout.

* During my day to myself I did manage to get the house quite tidy, which pleased me, until I got sidetracked, and flooded the kitchen,..... aaargh!

* Fatso sent me an extra DVD. Not sure why, I haven't returned the other, so will watch 1 tonight. 'Coach Carter', anyone seen it?

* I get so angry with people who rip off the Welfare System, I just hear on the news some facts about Benefit Fraud. I was so angry I didn't hear the exact figures, but 1 person claimed over $220 000, fraudulently, and if made to pay it back, at $25 a week it would take 170 years. What makes me annoyed, is we are right on the threshhold for various 'assistance', but the second I start doing work, I have to repay it! What am I supposed to do??? You can't win!

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Janine said...

Wow that was a long post!!! Sorry to hear about the guinea pig dying. I agree with the kids though a burial is so much better. Like the sign they made.

Go you on the hours, housecleaning and layout. ewww at flooding the kicthen though.

How exciting to see Cirque Rocks. Sounds like you all had a ball.