Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I'm baaaaaaaaack!!!

OK, no real excuse. Lazy. Lost my password. Busy. Tired.

Week 1 of the holidays have been pretty good.

Saturday - the kids and I walked up town to get the Lotto Ticket, nothing terribly exciting, but passes the time!

Sunday - over to Hamilton to take our baby guinea pigs to the pet shop. Pet City out Te Rapa is huge, you could get lost there!

Monday - I had to work, so my sister came and looked after the kids, and my nephew stayed on.

Tuesday -The 3 boys got on really well, so I said he could stay another night. The boys were playing softball, and the ball kept going astray, so I took them to the park to have a bit more room, only we got to the park to realise they hadn't bought the ball!!!

Wednesday - A trip to the supermarket with all 3, they were so well behaved, and were rewarded with a treat at the Warehouse. Troy went home just before lunch, and after lunch we went out to Opal Hot Springs.

Catch our antics here.... (OK, I got some cool video that I was going to insert, but it won't let me upload.)
Thursday - I made them playdough, and they played with that for ages.... good 'ol playdough never fails to entertain. In the afternoon a friend call around with her girls, just had a good old chat.

Friday - We walked up town, got a couple of groceries, and the boys spent their pocket money they had saved this term.

Tomorrow Jon and I are off to Auckland for the weekend for some time together before he flies out to Europe/America for a month.

And that's me for another month (LOL), I'll try to get back a bit more regularly.

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Janine said...

welcome back to blogging! SOunds like a good first week of the holidays. Enjoy your weekend away. Talk to you when you get back.