Wednesday, October 11, 2006

1. Do you have any middle names? Joy! Not sure where that came from, but I was always reminded of it when I was not in the best of moods.

2. What’s under your bed right now? Nothing!!! And probably only because it is a full base so I can't jam anything under there, otherwise I probably would!!

3. Last time you laughed so much you cried? Not sure I cried, but he was good. We have this guy at work, an 'older' man, who is a real laugh. He was the butt of all the jokes today, which was fine, because he was the one making them!

4. What age were you when you first drank Alcohol? 16, and far too much of it! Had no exposure growing up, and when introduced to it went completely off the rail!

5. Porn Star Name (First pets name and name of your street)? Jo was the name of our first cat, which is a pretty good pornstar name, but Rawhiti, Jo Rawhiti? I don't think so!

6. What’s your desk top photo on the PC? I usually change it to show my recent photos

7. What did you have for breakfast? Muesli, and Complan

8.Music or TV? Depends. Both! Usually at the same time!

9. Worst outfit you have ever worn? I remember when I was about 13 we had mufti at school, and I wore a yellow shirt, black jeans, and stripy rugby socks and black shoes, thinking I was so cool 'cause everything matched, but I must of looked like a bumblebee.

10 Where do you feel most at peace? Pretty much anywhere as long as I know what is happening. As soon as it is out of my control, or it is unplanned I don't feel relaxed. Don't get me wrong, I like to be spontaneous with the rest of them, just as long as there is no deadline/time to follow then thats ok, I can cruise.

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Janine said...

awww see that wasn't so bad....thanks for doing that. Had a giggle at the bumble bee outfit. I think we all thnk we look cool until we get older. As for alcohol I tink my parents thought if they introduced me to it I would be okay with it and in the end I was. Also I tagged you so you would be forced to update your blog :-)