Tuesday, October 10, 2006

How often am I gonna see this now? As they are getting older these shots are getting rarer, I guess I need to enlarge it, and put it on the wall to remind me that these moments do happen.

Really, I shouldn't complain I suppose. Since Jon has been gone they have been pretty good, Cameron is resisting school, not with any great force, but when he comments at the gate, as I am on my way to work it makes it a bit hard.

You can't see it very clearly in this photo, but Braden is rapidly losing his teeth, and not getting anymore. He currently has a gap from 4 teeth at the top. He also has a gap from 4 teeth at the bottom, has got 2 new ones, but doesn't really have much room for the other 2, so I guess he is going to have my teeth problems.

Has anyone seen or heard from my husband? No?!!? Neither have I. He did ring Saturday night our time to let me know he had arrived safely, but I haven't even got an email. It doesn't bother me too much, but I'm not sleeping well, and am having some weird dreams. I have to work early the next 2 days, so I'm hoping I get some sleep tonight.

Finally, another photo of us that we took on the weekend, on our way to the local A&P show.

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Janine said...

nice family shot.....awwww I can relate to the teeth thing.....hmmm two words.....orthodontic treatment. I am sure once Jon makes contact te wierd drems will stop.