Saturday, October 07, 2006

Watching some trashy movie on TV2, Evil Woman, really ridiculous, but it has the most fabulous Neil Diamond in it.

Jon got away yesterday, kind of as planned. The shuttle turned up 15 minutes early, so it was a mad rush to get him on it, was annoyed as it was a very quick 'bye', although, I guess the state I was in, it was just as well. Then, I get a text to say he had forgotten his camera (now, how many scrapbookers husbands forget their cameras), so I offered to go for a drive and take it up. The kids and I drove straight to the airport, had 10 minutes with him, and another quick goodbye, 'cause by then it was time to go through customs.

He rung to say he made it safely to his hotel, but was a bit out of sorts due to the time difference, and was going to have some 'breakfast' and have a sleep.

Thats all for now, I'm off to find my Neil Diamond CD, and blast it while he who doesn't appreciate good music is out of the country!!!

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Janine said...

nothing like a quick road trip