Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Things learned while travelling overseas:

- don't get your laundry done through the hotel. A few pairs of undies, socks, 2 shirts, t-shirt type, not business, and 2 pairs of pants = $320! Yes, $320. I told him overseas that he would have been better off to toss those and go buy more.

- don't use the hotel for toll calls. We all know calls overseas can cost a lot, and ones from hotels even more, but $200 for approximately half an hour?!?!? WTF? How can they justify that? So, today, plan B. Jon emailed me when he was in his room, and I rung him. Slingshot. $5. And we talked for 1 hour and 4 mins.

It was nice to catch up, especially on the little things, but he is homesick. Unfortunately he is not even half way through his trip. I think he is bored, as he has been in a little town with not much to do, so is looking forward to the next part, heading for Norway today, and then Finland on Thursday.

Anyway, off to battle with my children over dinner, we are having something they haven't had before, and it will be a protest all the way, wish me luck.


Tracy said...

Now that is a scary laundry bill, we got stung like that in London once, its funny now but not at the time, lol

Janine said...

now thats insane.......good idea on you calling him....not many sleeps to go now Angela

Sandra said...

Hi Andrea. Thanks for popping into my blog. Wow on the laundry bill. Talk about a captive market.

karen said...

How did the *new menu* go down???
And wow on the overseas travel costs.