Tuesday, October 24, 2006


We live in a street with predominantely retired folk, or at least older families, so with several houses around us selling, we were disappointed to find no kids moving into the street. Until the weekend. The new people in the house across the road have kids at primary school, and one of the boys is even in Camerons class. I went and met her today, lovely lady, so I'm hoping that Cameron will be able to get along with this boy and have a friend, especially one living so close.

In other news, I finally spoke to my dearly beloved.

No thanks to Telecom.

Because the phone calls from hotels are so expensive, and I have been ringing him from home, we have set up a system. He emails me when he is in the room, and has a spare hour or so, so I can ring him and talk. We had decided to wait until the weekend, it's much easier to get a time that suits us, so I hadn't heard anything by late Saturday night, I was starting to get worried. Turns out Telecom had kindly, or not so kindly, decided to hold back his emails for me, 3 of them, because by then HE was getting worried at why I hadn't rung. Finally they came through 12 hours late, and I was able to ring him, and had a good chat.

Things are going well for him, this week has been a bit better, he has had some company, been out and about for a few drinks, (a bit too much out and about, if you know what I mean!) and it even snowed on him while walking home. The countdown has started, it's the downhill slide, not long to go now.

Right, we are off to our first night of athletics for Junior tonight, so I better go get some dinner ready.


Janine said...

oh sucky about Telecom, but at least you got to speak and that's what matters the most. Cool that some kids have moved into the street.

Beverley said...

I was just looking at your slide show - you have some very cool layouts in there.

By the way - I just tagged you - sorry.

scrapgeek said...

Hi Angela - thanks for your kind comments on my layout! I would have to say that on a quick flick on your blog, your life seems WAY more interesting than mine. And it is true, NEVER phone from a hotel!

LesleyC said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. The corners I used on my layout are from the Rebecca sower Paper Shapers (EK Sucess) corner punch. I use that punch so much! So great to be able to directly coordinate your corners with whatever you are doing.

karen said...

Hi Angela. Great to have *new kids on the block* We are so aware of the same, particularly when we have family joining us for school holidays!
Wow, it's hard to be without that phone contact isn't it. Glad you finally got in touch.