Sunday, October 29, 2006

- Not long to go now, 5 sleeps.

- Athletics went well. Didn't really get any good photos, will try again next week, the sun was in
an awkward place, so will move next time. I also helped out with the field events, so will try to get photos of that next week.

Not much else happening. I've done a couple of pages this week, which I have added into my slide, but this one here is one I was starting on Friday night, because I had bought a whole lot of new papers, and rather than add them to my stash, I was encouraged by Vicki to actually finish a page, so here you go Vicki, it's done. I also picked up a tip from Dallas, and have outline the BG letters with black, they have helped it to stand out. I actually lifted it from the May '06 CK, but I should have done the stitching in white, me thinks, as you can hardly see it.

Anyway, off to brave the weather and tidy the section a little.


Janine said...

oh i like that layout, nice colours and I love how you have used the journalling strips.

Tracy said...

Lovely lo angela, thanks for the tip about outlining the Bg letters, will do that next time I use them.

Mel said...

Hey - the five sleeps will be up now!

Love that layout!