Sunday, November 05, 2006

Another week in review

- Lots of work. Shouldn't complain, especially as it's on my terms, during school hours, and I could also sneak away earlier as the kids had things on at school.

- Tuesday. Finished work early to go watch Braden at school, they had their Spring Ball.

- Registering for swimming lessons, summer is on it's way!

- 5 baby guinea pigs born. Aaargh, when is this vicious cycle going to end.

- Friday..... mmmmmmm..... what happened Friday? Not much. Oh, yeah, that's right, MY HUSBAND CAME HOME!!! It's good to have him home, and he is very pleased to be home, although he does come home with a suitcase full of washing. Rather than get it washed, as explained earlier, he bought more. That's Cameron, absolutely beside himself with excitement, they both got a DVD, and Cameron got Prehistoric Park. I had videod it when it was played on TV, but it wasn't a very good tape and the quality was a bit snowy, plus I accidentally copied over episode 2, so he was pleased to have it in DVD form.

- On Saturday we went to a family birthday party in Otorohanga. My niece had been given a motorbike, so Cameron excitedly had a turn. He had a good couple of minutes, but not long after this photo was taken, he crashed, and then refused to get back on. I made him get on with me (yes, poor motorbike) as he is a terrible quiter, and I don't want him to develop that attitude.

- BBQ/Guy Fawkes with Jon's work, the Social Club puts on a display, so it's all very safe, out on a farm, bonfire, BBQ, and last night, complete with these most horrible bugs, huge, and everywhere.

Right, I'll be back, for more on Jons trip, when I've actually heard it myself.


Janine said...

I thought Jon was due home Monday? Sounds like a nice busy family week.......go you on helping Cameron back on the bike....

dallas said...

Yay on your husband being home! Ohh, and the new magazine! (love scrapbooks etc!)
oh, and the guinea pig thing NEVER ends - ours just kept on going, I dreaded feeding everyday, just in case there were more!! We gave up when numbers 12, 13 & 14 were born! LMAO - though I do miss their little noises!