Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Mmmmmm. What's been happening?

Right at this moment I'm watching Martha Stewarts Apprentice. I never got into the Donald Trump version, but maybe because I like Martha, I've really got involved with it. OK, now Martha has just announced her choice. Dawna. Who I did not like. I can't say I really liked Bethenny either, mmmmm.

What else? Rude customers. For those that know me, know I work in retail. I dealt with the rudest customer I have EVER had. It was a phone call, and before the gentleman, (and I say gentleman in the 'loosest' of terms,) had even given me a chance to piss him off he was asking for the manager. I managed to talk my way around that, and help him out, but boy, did he have a short fuse. I then had several more instances of rude people, some customers, some staff. Fortunately I don't have any work lined up for the rest of the week, yet, so as long as my family doesn't annoy me, I should be good!

The silly season is upon us. The first function for the end of year is this Friday, and another on Sunday afternoon. Last year we seemed to have something on every Saturday/night, but this year there seems to be a trend towards Friday nights, so this year our Friday nights are busy till Christmas. Weekends themselves aren't too bad.

Speaking of silly, even though I work retail, or maybe because I work retail, hasn't it all got out of hand. Presents I'm talking about. Part of my reasoning process is the fact that we are not a religious family, therefore find the reason behind it all a bit hard to explain. Why, when we do not celebrate the 'reason for the season' do we choose to go overboard on gifts. Why not give a gift, for no reason, during the month of July, or April, or any other blimmen month of the year. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy spending time with my family, including my husbands family, but the gift part has got out of hand.

Right, I'm getting down off my soapbox :)


Janine said...

I have to say Martha Stewarts Apprentice just quite didn't do it for me. As for Christmas we only but for both sets of parents. I only buy birthday pressies for my neices and nephews after three years ago seeing them open all these pressies and get excited about them for five mins before tossing them aside to open the next stash.....I agree I think we have forgotten the true meaning.

Jessejames said...

I'm with you on the present thing. I have told my family if they make me something that would mean more to me than anything. Whether it be a jar of lemon honey, to chocolate fudge, or something in the art form. I dont care - I just dont want heaps of money spent on stuff that I may not even like! No disrepect to the the giver but this whole gift thing is the pits.
as for rude customers - well we know all about that at the Aquatic Centre - I am OVER working with the public!

Hannah said...

Hi Angela,
Thanks for commenting on my blog! I have to say, I haven't noticed your comments before (unless they were anonymous) but I do have another blogger friend called Angella with 2 L's so I could have confused the two of you!

I know what you mean about the present thing, too. We have chosen to do secret santa in our family, so we only buy for one other person. Then everybody writes a short list of things they really want, and that way each person gets one decent present every year, and we save ourselves the stress of trying to buy for everybody and not knowing what to get them!