Saturday, November 25, 2006

Lots happening, nothing happening.

If you know what I mean. Lots of things happening, but nothing too exciting to write about.

The silly season is upon us, and so comes all the gatherings. Last Friday night the first was my work 'do', for the adults. This was great, nothing exciting, we had dinner and drinks up at the Club, the kids stayed with my sister so we didn't have to rush to get up in the morning. We were supposed to pick them up early Saturday afternoon, but in the end my mother bought them back with her, so we didn't get them back till late Saturday night, so yay for us, sitting down to watch an adult movie in peace. We also had a wander around the shops, (hassled everyone who had to work with a hangover from the night before!!!) and enjoyed lunch by ourselves.

Sunday MIL came over and looked after the boys while we went to the first of Jons work 'do's', more of the same, just catching up over lunch.

Friday, Jons work put on a kids party, again at the club, dinner, karaoke/disco, etc.

Then after that around to a workmates place to help decorate the float for the parade today.

Today, the parade. Braden went on the float, Cameron wasn't interested.

After that we had a party for all the kids from my work, at the local pools. Just chilling. BBQ, the new inflatable was a hit, although Braden was a bit gutted as he wasn't big enough to get around part of it, as you can see in this photo, it was about 2 seconds later that he fell off.

Now, home to relax and get ready, (Jon heads off to the South Island for a week,) before next weekend, when we have another 'do'.

Right now, I'm all over 'do's'!!!


Janine said...

yes the silly season now seems to start in look good though....thats a huge inflatable....

Tracy said...

Sounds like fun to me! Love the photos'

Heidi said...

What lovely photo's you have Angela to scrap....