Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I know this is soooo not the right time, with Christmas coming, etc, but if I/we don't do it now we won't start.

Whatis it, and what bought'it' on?

An 'attack' on the weekend, where I seriously thought I was gonna die, it was definately worse than labour pains.

So, after a consult with the doctor, we are participating in a 'Better Living Diet'. Now, I don't like the use of the word diet, as I think it should be a lifestyle change, not a set diet. However, we will plod away following the details, for the next 10 weeks minimum, and will have hopefully learned new habits, and broken old ones. I am determined to follow it to the T, Jon is also going to do it, but is going to have to modify it a little on the days when he is away.

I also have to have an ultrasound on Friday, yay, not, so think of me then!

So, this was lunch, day 1

Wish us luck!


Janine said...

good luck with it all Angela! You have to start somewhere. Just take it one day at a time.

Hannah said...

Good luck! That lunch does look pretty yummy!

Tracy said...

oooow that looks delicious! Good luck with the new eating plan.