Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Day 2

It hasn't been too bad, I have to admit. About 2 hours after breakfast, I felt like I was hungry, but I kept myself busy, and made it through to lunch, and felt fine.

For me, it's a mind thing, it was never that I felt hungry, it was always thoughts of 'oooh, I haven't had chocolate for a while, I'm going to have some' or 'what can I do, grab an unhealthy to eat food' type thing. So, I can proudly say, that I have got my mind around the whole thing too, as there is some chocolate in the fridge, and I haven't touched it, actually not even tempted yet,.... but, in saying that, will have to give it to the kids, to get rid of the temptation!

The hardest part is at night, when on the computer or watching TV, so I am going to have to get busy with my hands tonight, especially on those challenges of Janine's . I have ideas, just need to put them to paper!

Anyway, off to hang the Christmas lights!


Tracy said...

Go on get scrapping, keep those hands busy! Lunch looks yummy too, inspiring even!

Dianna said...

Yum looking food at your house. There is never a right time to change what we eat so now is as good a time as any. Once you get past the first week the hunger pains will get better. I joke now that since my diet I bake all the time just so that I can lick the bowl.

Dianna said...

Forgot to say well done on winning the prize pack.

Janine said...

hey good on you Angela...lunch looked really yummy too. You are doing well.

Tracy said...

Congratulations on winning that yummy Tarisota!!

karen said...

yummy lunch plate. liking your menu plan.