Thursday, December 14, 2006

I won't bore you with the details of this weeks details, 'cause, like the song goes.......... second verse... same as the first! Yip, we repeat last week again, so it's been eggs or weetbix for breakfast, fruit/beans/salads/etc, for lunch, and then fruit/cup a soups for dinner.

It's going extremely well, I haven't strayed at all, I've got a heap more energy, have not had any further pains, and the bonus of losing weight has been great too!

Cameron had a great day at school on Wednesday, he was chosen to swim in the house team relay. Now, he's not the greatest swimmer, but he has come a long way in the las 6 weeks or so, and I was so proud of him. They also did some swimming displays, like diving, etc, and seen here retrieving dive sticks.

Another outtake,......................

and the final 'take'!!!


Tracy said...

Go you with the new eating plan, sounds like you are doing really well. Love the family photo, did you set the timer or did somebodyelse take the photo?

Dianna said...

Like your family photo.
Keep up the good work with the eating. , I have found last week hard lots of social things but haven't gained or lost so thats ok.

Janine said...

oh i like that family photo shot, awesome Angela......well done on with the eating programme and with the lead up to teh festive season you are awesome.

karen said...

Sounds like the new eating plan is going well.
Like the *final official* family photo : hope getting there was more fun than frustrating :o)