Thursday, December 21, 2006

Things to do before the big day, in no particular order.

- pick up the weeds from my gardening on the weekend DONE
- make gingerbread houses with boys DONE
- finish the 'wallhanger' pages I'm giving as gifts 1 DONE, 1 NEARLY DONE
- work on my album for Janines 12 days of Christmas DONE, well, not finished, but I have worked on it, what I can, while I wait for more photos
- vaccum DONE
- buy hubbys present + 2 gift cards DONE
- cancel Skys Rialto channel (yes, ma'am, just ring on the 18th, and then there will be no charge for the months free trial, yeah, right, who remembers to do that!!!)
- put all the clothes away that are sitting in our room in rollie bins DONE
- tidy the little shed so I can get the outdoor furniture out for the family gathering on Boxing Day DONE
- paint the BBQ table
- mow the lawn DONE
- clean bathroom & wash house
- load of washing out & in DONE

mmmmmmmm..... that should keep me going!

ETA: I'm quite pleased with myself, as I've ticked some things off my list, plus I've driven half hour each way to visit my Nana before Christmas, and been to the gym, and done a bit of a tidy of my scrap area, so an eventful day.


Janine said...

so just a few quiet days ahead of you then!!

Mel said...

Isn't it great when you get 'the list' down in writing and then get to tick bits off. Seems less overwhelming!