Saturday, January 20, 2007


We had a post Christmas get together, with my Dad's side of the family, as we didn't see everyone at Christmas time, although, half of them weren't there today either, it's funny how the same people turn up each time!

Anyway, those that were there had a nice afternoon.........and after lunch we went out to an old family friends farm. They played quite a part in our upbringing, it was neat to chat to my sister and Dad about the things we used to do, (and yes, I have jotted down some notes for a future page.) Anyway, their son, has got himself some Clydesdales, and along with some of his acquaintances, had put on a display of 'hay making the old way'. TurningGathering'Haystack'

Baling, using a steam driven tractor to operate the baler, and tying by hand!


Janine said...

what an awesome afternoon and that would be cool to see a double page layout of the old way and the new way......loved the photos.

Hannah said...

Looks like neat family fun! Love those Clydesdales - so cute! I agree with Janine, I can see a scrapbooking layout with those photos :-)