Monday, January 08, 2007

NO KIDS!!!!!!!

And look what we are doing!Finally.

After 2 years.

Finishing our lounge.

We started with great gusto, and got to the undercoat stage, after a hiccup with the plasterboard, and it never got any further.

So...... we shipped the kids off to my sisters, you just can't do it with the kids around, with the 'offer' of 'pick them up when you need to'. Ooooh, that is so tempting, LOL.

Anyway, while we can, we will get away to dinner and movies (any ideas???)


Janine said...

have fun with the painting.....go see deja vu, I am a huge Denzel Washington fan......

Hannah said...

LOL Angela, that is just what we did last week when the kids were at my parents!! Except we were painting the outside of our house. And we still found time for the picnic lunch, dinner & walk on the beach .... so enjoy your evening out tonight!!!