Thursday, January 11, 2007


Yeah, baby, yeah, it only took 2 years to finally get here, but we finished.(Just need to hang the photos, but at the moment that ain't a priority) And in 1 day. (but I guess you can't say that when the prep work was done 2 years ago) I better add, that the whole room isn't this colour, that would just be too much, the rest is Spanish White, which is really quite boring, so I didn't take a photo.We sanded, sanded, sanded in the morning, painted, painted, painted in the afternoon, had a shower and headed off to the movies, (no time for a formal dinner), saw Deja Vu, with Denzel Washington, excellent movie, and then came home and painted again till about 12.30, and then did a bit of a clean up, bed about 2.30.

Yesterday was more cleaning up, trying to have a declutter in our house these holidays, but needed to do the kids rooms while they weren't there.

After an early dinner, or rather late lunch, we went up town for a drink, met up with some friends who were there and after they left my husbands boss also turned up, so had another drink with them. A really nice night, so must do that more often.

Anyway, better finish off the tidying up, and head of to pick up the kids today. Apparantely Mister just turned 8 is having issues with my sister, and wants to come home. He is a very fussy eater, and she bought mince and cheese pies, instead of just mince (heaven forbid), and then she had the 'indecency' to serve hotdogs (franks in buns), which she thought he liked, but turns out he doesn't anymore, so the whole world is coming to an end according to Cameron, I better go rescue him!!!


Hannah said...

The room looks great! Awesome job!

Janine said...

love the colour so well done on getting that completed. Loved that movie, was great wasn't it. Oh dear at the world coming to an end :-)

Dianna said...

Great to have the time to get it done.

Looks great.