Friday, February 16, 2007


A little worse for wear, but I'm here in 1 piece. Thank you all for your well wishes and messages, much appreciated to know you were thinking of me.

After the huge muck up with the times, we decided it was better to arrive earlier, than later, so checked in at 12. After discussion with the nurse, she informed us that I wouldn't go into surgery until at least 5, maybe 6pm, so I sent Jon home. I had really wanted him to be there with me up until I went in, but it was ridiculous him waiting for 5 hours. I spent the afternoon dozing, doing sudoku (my latest obsession) and watched a bit of TV.

They came and got me at 5.15, and the next thing I knew it was 7.05 and I was in the recovery room. I felt fine, hubby, kids and my sister were waiting in my room by the time I got back to it about 7.30. They stayed about half an hour, and then I just dozed off and on through the night, still feeling OK, still a bit dopey from the drugs, and had a decent sleep from 12 -4, and then dozed again, waking about 5 and not able to get back to sleep. The worst bit was I was right outside some of the 'staff rooms' and because I am such a light sleeper every noise jolted me awake.

By 7.30am, I was starving, as I hadn't eaten for 24 hours, so was looking forward to brekkie. Had breakfast, a shower, and was discharged, still feeling not too bad.

24 hours later, I'm quite sore, the rest of me is OK, although I didn't sleep too well last night, so am a bit tired.

Because I like to have photos in my post I'll show you the beautiful flowers I got from my hubbys work, a nice treat, even though I'm not a flower person, these are just what I love.

Anyway, peace is about to be shattered, hubby will be picking the kids up soon, so I'll go and get myself settled in my chair.


Hannah said...

Okay, you can ignore my email asking how the surgery went, LOL ;-)

I'm really glad to hear that it went well. Sorry you're still in a bit of pain, but I'm sure that is *normal* and won't last. I'm positive you'll soon feel so much better than before, you'll forget all about this discomfort ;-)

Take care of yourself - enjoy those TV soaps and talkshows, get stuck into a good book, or some more Sudoku (have you tried Kakuro?? I love it even more than Sudoku, you should give it a go) ... and let your boys wait on you hand & foot ;-)

karen said...

Love the flowers! Almost makes the stay away from home worthwhile??? LOL
Hope you enjoy the *enforced* rest and - like Hannah says - have those boys running around after you for a couple of weeks.

Penny said...

What beautiful flowers - lovely colours.

I'm glad it went well (can sympathise with bad sleeping in hospitals). All the best for your recovery!

Dianna said...

Wow lots happening in your life.
Glad your surgery went well hope your recovery is quick.
Love your layout on the other post lucky you being a guest designer.

Janine said...

glad to hear the surgery went well, love the flowers. Hey sorry we didn't text or pop in. To be honest it was a flaying visit to Steven and Sandys and I was in a bit of a funny head space....Glad to hear you are recovering well. Loved your layout for SBO too.