Wednesday, February 21, 2007


This morning was the first morning when I was able to just get up and get moving. The actual cuts are still a little tender, but the stomach itself feels a lot better.

Jon is away this week, yes, I know, but at least it wasn't last week like originally planned. The boys have been so good for me, and who said bribery doesn't work??? LOL

But....... I can't have been too bad. We did go to Rotorua on the weekend. Jon's work was supposed to have a conference which was cancelled, but the accomodation couldn't be cancelled, so they offered it to staff. When they first offered it, I said no, under the circumstances, and we also didn't have a babysitter, but when they rung us back and said there were so many rooms free that the boys could have their own room, we thought we might aswell go, and just take it slowly. We had dinner, and the boys had a swim, and a wander around the shops. On our way home I went to Spotlight, which has so much more stuff than the Hamilton store. I got some American Craft letter stickers, but I was so distracted by them I forgot to look at the papers, oh, well, have to go back!

This is another page I have done with the product from Lisa at SBD. I have to admit it is a sketch from Basic Grey because I have been a bit quiet since the op, and needed something to get me moving.


Janine said...

oh i really like that. It's such a nice clean girly layout. Was that the one you were telling me about?

Hannah said...

Great page, Angela!
I'm glad to hear you are doing so well. Hope the recovery continues to be smooth & the kids keep being so good for you!

Dianna said...

Glad you are in recovery mode. Spotlight have some nice stuff love your layout.

Penny said...

good you're feeling better.

Hey - using sketches are fine and the layout looks excellent.

karen said...

yay for the weekend in Rotorua. good to have a change.