Thursday, February 22, 2007


Janine challenged us to show pics of our scrap area.

I'm very lucky as I have a 'nook', off the side of the lounge. It's out of the way enough that most people don't know it's there, but it's close enough for me to supervise the children, hear the phone, and..... watch TV.
Lets me just say, I'm forever moving things around, changing storage, etc, so in a month it might be all different.

On the left is the official scrap area. I have large shelves which we made (it's just out of sight in these photos), but they tend to get junk put on them, but there is also photo paper, magazines, stationary tools that the kids are allowed to touch (stapler, etc)
I have a sewing cabinet that I had planned to actually work on, (but more often use the computer table) which has storage. I use the pizza boxes and concertina files down the bottom for papers, and current albums. In the drawers are my tools, and chipboard letters, (which when I pulled the drawer out for the photo I found some stuff I didn't even know I had)

My sewing machine stays out (notice the clothes that need mending, they have been there for 6 months despite me having used the machine several time for scrapbooking)

In the door is my paints.
On the little shelves up the top is rubons, HS chipboard letters, foam stamps, and tools.

On the right, is the computer desk. It has the compulsory pile of junk on it, everything gets put to the side, and every couple of weeks I have a tidy up.
Now believe it or not, amongst all that we run our own little business from home. At the moment it is low key, but last week we got some news that may change that. Jon is probably going to get made redundant, so we may take the business up a notch and it will be our sole income. Therefore, you will see the shelf above the computer is being cleared because we are going to have to have a more area for all the business stuff (which is currently in the filing cabinet behind the paint door)

Points to note:

- the Pringle containers have been saved over several/many months, they are for a friend, and for some reason behind the screen is a nice spot to keep them until I see her

- the layout on the wall, (there were a couple, but one fell done,) is there, because it needs something more, but I just don't know what

- the little bags pinned on the corkboard, that is my way of reminding me of the product I have, if I don't it gets put away and I never know what I have


Penny said...

good luck with the business!

I'm glad I'm not the only one with a small scrapping space!

Hannah said...

Looks like a great little area!! Great that you can watch telly while you scrap - sharing my scrap space with the boys' playroom is great for keeping an eye on them, but I miss the TV ;-)

All the best with the business!

Janine said...

thanks for sharing your space. Always interesting looking at others. I love your nook and how you can keep an eye on things. SO does that mean Jon will be not travelling in your other business?

karen said...

Nice space! I like all your cupboards ... and great idea to put your layout(s) on display while you consider *what else* they might need to be finished.