Saturday, March 17, 2007


But not much to show for it.

I ended up working for basically 6 days in a row, and having not worked for the previous 3 weeks it was a bit of a shock to the body, I'm still getting over it now.

Cricket, athletics, (Junior got a red ribbon, and also received the free drink for sportsmanship, so he was beaming from ear to ear) helping at the op shop, school athletics (which was cancelled after I got down there) moving my mother in law into her new unit ...... all amongst the usual things.

Then today, we headed off to Auckland, for my cousins baby shower. Baby wasn't due till mid April, and was born 2 weeks ago, with another 4 in hospital before she can come home, so it was nice to catch up with my cousin, although it would have been nicer if baby (no, she still does not have a name!) could have been there .

On our way up we stopped for lunch at the Autobahn Cafe. We had just sat down when a very friendly face was waving coming closer to me. Karen was on her way to the wedding out Waitakere way, so hopefully the weather fine for her.

This week is not much better, just found out that Jon has to work tomorrow, then off to Hamilton on Monday for an eye appointment for him, I have to chauffeur as he gets his eyes dilated and can't drive. Drop him off at the airport on the way home, for a South Island visit, back to extra hours at work, Trivial Pursuits night at his work (yay, love trivial pursuits), deliver our old bedroom suite to Hamilton........ ummmmmmmm....... that should take us through to the weekend, where I hope we can relax and just spend some time at home!

And..... I don't even have 1 single photo to share,........ just 'cause I love photos in my posts.

Edited to add:- This is a photo of Mr 6, not long after he went to sleep, but obviously soooo tired, he doesn't even feel that he is about to fall out of bed!


janine said...

no wonder you feel blah, you tired woman! I was just knackered reading what you had been up too. Small world isn't it bumping into Karen like that.

Tracy said...

Oh man! If I had known that you and Karen were at the Autobahn I would have come out for a visit, LOL

Hannah said...

Wow, you have been very busy! I thought you were supposed to be taking it easy after your op???? Hope you have a quieter week this week ;-)

Penny said...

Ack - you have been busy and no wonder you're knackered.

Laughed at your photo!

karen said...

Nice to see you at the Autobahn cafe (too!) ... we got dressed up afterwards, before heading out to the Waitakeres to be guests at the beach wedding.