Sunday, June 10, 2007

Big Kids

Being a yucky wet day, and as my sister had left her PS2 at our place, we decided to get a couple of games for the kids.

We've had the Eyetoy basic game before (with the window washing, etc) but thought the kids were getting a bit old for that, so we got one called anti-grav.... which is kind of a level up. Unfortunately we just can't even get it to register Braden, may try it again in the daylight, and Cameron is getting a bit annoyed because he keeps moving too much and it 'looses' his face, therefore doesn't respond to his movement,..... however, Jon and I have had lots of fun, despite the kids plea for 'their turn'.


Hannah said...

Sounds like fun!! I might hire that easier one for Ethan, he is starting to get into video games now.

Mel said...

I love it when the adults take over the kids toys! Great!

Penny said...

hee hee! They get so mad don't they! LOL! Parents are allowed to have fun too.