Saturday, June 09, 2007

Don't ya hate that.

That is the second time we have been to a function, with free drinks, that I have been sick. Last time it was a work do, and I had a gallbladder attack and I couldn't mix my alcohol with painkilllers.

Tonight we got invited to a local bar and eatery, who were celebrating their first anniversary, and I've been feeling quite queasy the last 2 days. I had one drink, feeling OK, but as soon as I smelled my second (which was something different) I felt worse. I ended up drinking ginger beer, which was a bit stink, but at least I've come home with a clear head.

We had a nice little gathering at our crop today, and as usual I have nothing to show for it, although I did do a bit of organising, and started 2 pages, which I hope to finish (sometime).

The highlight of the day would have to be 'Player of the Day' for Braden. He got a really good goal, the only for their team, but it was an excellent game. They have got the teams sorted out now, and the game was even all round, so that made it a lot fairer for all involved.

Here is just a couple of random shots (because I like photos in my posts) from last weekend when we wasted some time at Hamilton Lake (because the shop we were headed to was closed)


karen said...

crops are for chatting more than scrapping .. I reckon!! LOL

Hannah said...

Ugh, sorry you were feeling so rotten!! That's not fair! Hope you're okay now.

I've just come home from an all-weekend crop ... and I've done 4 pages. Not a good achievement for me! I usually get 2 or 3 pages done in one night if I put the whole evening aside for scrapping! But Karen is right, crops are for talking more than scrapping ;-) (oh, and for getting ideas and inspiration from others!!)

scrapgeek said...

That really isn't fair!! Congratulations to your boy for his goal and player of the day - awesome!

Kirsty said...

Great park photos :)

Penny said...

bummer! Mind you I actually prefer ginger beer ;-) Great park photos :-)
Crops are for gossip, giggles and chocolate aren't they?