Sunday, June 14, 2009

What have we been up to this weekend......... - Jon took the boys to soccer, an hour away, so I knew I was going to get at least 3 hours to myself. They finally turned up 6 1/2 later........ yay to having the house to myself for the day, I think I owe him!

and this........Cookie time choc chip cookies, savoury muffins and jaffa muffins..... for lunch boxes and afternoon teas.

and this......
We've never owned a Scrabble Game, despite having every other game, so I told myself I would go have a look to see how much they were, I got there and it was the
only game on special, AND, it had a free dictionary! Cameron attends the One Day School in Hamilton on Thursdays. It is Gifted Awareness Week this week, and part of that is a Scrabble-athon. There is some information here, although it is an old article, there is supposed to be a recent one coming this week. There are 2 website for our local association, found here and here.

" The budget cuts and current review means there is uncertainty regarding the future of gifted and talented education. There is no shortage of challenges in this area, many requiring urgent and thoughtful attention.

Since 2005 schools have been required to identify and provide for gifted and talented students, and this has been a huge step forward in raising the awareness and interest for appropriate gifted education provisions for all schools. However, recent reports demonstrate that many schools are struggling to meet this requirement due mainly to limited funding and insufficient professional development and support"

and this - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I'd considered going to see it when it was on at the movies, and now am pleased I didn't. I don't really know what I was expecting, but it didn't meet my expectations, if that makes sense. I found the sound very off-putting, and actually fell asleep, not once, but twice!

.........and this - Scrapbooking. While Jon and the boys were away I had some time to myself, so locked myself into my little room with the heater, and the radio and enjoyed the peace. I got 3 and 1/2 pages done, but forgot to photograph them individually so will do that when there is light tomorrow.and this - ever since we cleaned the flue a few weeks ago, we've been having problems with the fire, so after asking around, and finding what needed to be done, we finally fixed it, and have noticed a huge difference, not only does it not smoke the whole room, but it is so much more effecient.
....and new clocks for the boys. Well, not new clocks, but I bought them their own alarm clocks, partly to give them some responsibility for getting ready in the morning, but also because I came out this morning at 5 and found Braden up watching TV, and after asking, realised he had been up since 4.25!!! Don't worry, he was rather quickly shunted back to bed.

So, it has felt like a very productive weekend, so will go finish folding the washing, and then an early night to ward off a sore throat I feel coming along.........


Hannah said...

Wow, what a lovely surprise you had, getting most of a day to yourself! Yay! Sounds like you really made the most of the time. I had been wanting to see that movie but now I guess I might not? Or at least I'll be aware that I shouldn't watch it when I'm tired and shouldn't expect anything amazing?! LOL :-)

I hope that sore throat has gone now and you don't come down with any bugs!

Penny said...

you might like Lexulous on facebook then ;)

Trace said...

Gee you have been busy Angela. Have fun with your new board game!

Axel....{Carol} said...

Oh those chocky chips look sooooo good lol.