Monday, July 20, 2009

"3 weeks in silver car"

...sung in my best Crowded House 'Six months' voice!

I started doing a huge write up about our trip, and got sick of matching photos with words, etc, so here is a brief rundown of our 3 weeks travelling down to the bottom of Invercargill, and back again!

Monday—Matamata—Palmerston. Bitterly cold and very windy.

Tuesday—PN to Wellington. Movies

Wednesday—Wellington Zoo, and Te Papa.

Thursday—Shopping, and to the ferry for 1pm check in. The trip this time was very smooth, and the kids being a bit older were able to look after themselves. One night in Blenheim.

Friday— A long trip. One stop for car sick. Lots of stops for fresh air, a walk down into the riverbank. Another stop, and Braden and Dad down to the river again. Punakaki. Greymouth has been wet the 2 times we have been here...... I think we will skip it next time and stay elsewhere!!!!

Saturday—Greymouth to Franz Josef. Were going to go to pools, but very expensive, like $80, and we only wanted a quick dip!

Sunday—Away while the roads were cleared, after stopping to see the glacier it was a long trip.

Long day through Haast Pass, until we got to Puzzling World. Then onto Queenstown.

Monday—Gondola and Luge

Tuesday - Segways & onto Invercargill

Wednesday - Shopping

Thursday - bluff

Friday - Conference function

Saturday - Off to Dunedin

Sunday - Portobello/Aquarium/Baldwin St

Monday - Museum/Butterfly house/Cadbury

Tuesday - Christchurch


Thursday - up to Hamner

Friday - ferry crossing



Hannah said...

Wow, looks and sounds like a fantastic family holiday!! Glad you had a good time and safe travels. Awesome photos!

Penny said...

WOW! that's quite a trip alright - you saw and did lots.

Trace said...

Great photos Ang - bet your glad to be home in your own bed!

Anonymous said...

looks like you had a great time judging by the photos!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a trip. Sounds like you went here-there-and everwhere! You'll have fun scrapping all those pics :)

Sonya said...

OHhh looks like you had a lovely trip! You should have called into Duntroon on your way past Angela, would have been lovely to meet you!! Next time maybe :-))

Jenny said...

Sounds like a very busy but enjoyable trip

Sonya said...

Hi Angela Ive just been having another look through your photos, they are awesome...and you were so very close to Duntroon at one stage!
Thanks for looking up the meaning of the German words on my little angel box. I have made some wonderful friends through blogging, such a shame that many of them are sooo far away!

Jenny said...

Sorry - I was sure that I HAD commented here as I know I've been to see this post of yours.