Monday, April 09, 2007


After reading Sharon's blog and her view of the Easter Show, I thought I would share my thoughts.

Like Sharon, my eldest is now at the stage that it is 'not cool' to get your photo taken with TV characters, however Junior was not worried. He is also not worried about going on the rides with a little fear factor!

We also enjoyed the Circus, just thrill after thrill, excitement the whole time, not one bit was better than the other.

And again, like Sharon's family, Cameron loved the Bumper Cars

Low points; there used to be a nice grass area, where you could sit and eat, and there was often entertainment (magician, fire-eater, etc). That area has gone in favour of a big building. We were also disappointed by some of the prices, Cameron saved his money all day, because he wanted to buy a shark balloon, however, when we enquired on the price, and discovered they were........ $15 and we talked him out of it, he was very disappointed.

I shouldn't complain, as we were there for 7 hours, so it was a good day in all.


Hannah said...

We went too, and had a great time. We go every year on Easter Monday. I'm just about to update my blog with pictures and stories from our experience! Glad you and your boys had fun there. I'm shocked that the balloons were $15, the Over The Hedge soft toys (BIG ones) were $20 and of course a balloon doesn't last forever so it seems a bit unreasonable.

scrapgeek said...

$15 for a balloon!! I'm glad the issue never came up for us. Looks like you guys had a cool time :)

Janine said...

looks like a fun time was had by all. I dont know how they can justify charging that amount for a balloon.

Melissa said...

Looks like they had fun.

karen said...

That's a good day's entertainment :)

kitkat said...

The Easter Show looks like fun. Pity we don't have anything like it in Wellington.